“Disney Centennial Celebration: Streaming Now and Much More Awaits!”

News Article Summary:

  • The Walt Disney Company is gearing up to celebrate its 100th anniversary in October with a myriad of fun-filled activities.
  • Disney’s Launchpad Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+. The season features short films from a diverse range of new filmmakers and is based on the theme of “connection”.
  • New episodes of Marvel Studios Legends are now available on Disney+. These episodes serve to recap and set the stage for characters appearing on highly anticipated Disney+ series.
  • An episode of “Hailey’s On It!” will be aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD on September 29.
  • The new episode of “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery” is set to air on September 30 on Disney Junior.
  • ESPN, The Walt Disney Company, and the NFL have collaborated to create a unique NFL game presentation, which will be set in Disney and Pixar’s iconic Toy Story universe. This will air on October 1 on Disney+ and ESPN+.

The Realist’s Take

So, what’s the hot goss from Disney’s enchanted kingdom this time? They’re turning up the magic dial to 100 to celebrate the triple-digit birthday of Walt’s dream. With a little bit of pixie dust, they’re kicking off the party with a fresh season of “Launchpad,” sprinkling in diversity and serving us a lovely platter of six innovative short films, all connected – get it? No? Moving on.

Loki fan-people, brace yourselves! One can never have too much mischief in their life, right? So before we teleport into season 2, why not have a quick dip in the “we-know-it-all” pool with Marvel Studios Legends. Don’t forget to mark your diaries for some kiddish fun with Hailey’s robotic adventures and a jaunt down the fantastical Wonderland Bakery lane.

And finally, a touchdown of a different kind – Disney, Pixar, ESPN, and NFL have drafted Toy Story for some football fun. Buzz Lightyear swapping lasers for laces, and Woody calling the play-by-plays, all from Andy’s room! Just think of it as your childhood toys playing fantasy league in real-time. So gear up, armchair referees, it’s time to huddle up on your couches! Now don’t you wish every news update was this fun?