Disney Canoe Races (C.R.O.W): A Tradition of Teamwork and Endurance Since 1963

Disney Canoe Races (C.R.O.W): A Tradition of Teamwork and Endurance Since 1963

Summary of Key Points:

  • The Canoe Races Of the World (C.R.O.W) is a long-standing tradition at Disney Parks that dates back to 1963. It’s a testament to Walt Disney’s love of nature and commitment to wholesome fun.

  • Past champions of the C.R.O.W reminisce about the camaraderie and competitive spirit that peeks in each race, making it a highlight of their Disney careers.

  • Each team, consisting of ten Disney Cast Members, must navigate a Native American-style canoe around the Rivers of America, honing their teamwork and endurance skills.

  • Disney employees eagerly look forward to participating in the C.R.O.W event since it’s a unique way to engage with colleagues, break a sweat, and create magical memories.

  • Future rowers express excitement and nervousness before participating in the C.R.O.W, both eager and determined to keep the legacy alive.

The Realist’s Take:

Hey, who needs a gym membership when you can just hop in a canoe and paddle your heart out at Disney? It seems like the magic kingdom isn’t just about mouse ears and princess parades, but also about some friendly, traditional and water-testing competition. What better way to boost office morale than paddling past Tom Sawyer Island shrouded in the early morning mist – and maybe, just maybe, outpacing your boss? So when you next visit Disney, soak up the spectacle of C.R.O.W. It’s Mickey and friends getting a workout, Circa 1963.