“Capturing Disney’s Lunar New Year Delights: A Foodie’s Journey”

"Capturing Disney’s Lunar New Year Delights: A Foodie's Journey"

Key Points from the Lunar New Year TahDah at Disneyland Resort

  • To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Disneyland Resort brought in one of the best food photographers in the game, Disney cast member David Nguyen, for the nyam nyam and clickama.
  • David Nguyen has left no stone unturned, no bowl of noodles uneaten, or any dragon unpapped in his mission to bring the magic of Disney’s Lunar New Year to the screens of Disney fans everywhere.
  • His camera lens has focused on everything from hot pot and baos to sticky rice kitties, capturing the astonishing variety and deliciousness of the food on offer.
  • The beautifully vivid and detailed photos have served as a virtual taste-test for those unable to attend – who are now surely drooling on their keyboards.

The Realist’s Take

Let’s all spare a moment of silence for poor David Nguyen’s waistline, please. Devoted, talented, and probably on a first-name basis with every bottle of antacid in Orange County by now, he’s truly taken one for the team and then some. The dazzling cornucopia of Lunar New Year foodie delights he’s photographed are making the rest of us green with food envy (whilst probably turning him a pale shade of queasy). So while you browse through the tantalizing photogra-feast, remember: every delicious-looking dish was a battle fought and won in the mighty war of “yum vs. tum”. They don’t give out Michelin stars for gastronomic bravery, but if they did, David Nguyen would surely have a constellation. But for now, he’ll have to settle for being the unsung hero of Disney’s Lunar New Year celebrations. Hats off (and forks up) to you, David!