A Food Lover’s Guide: EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival Menu Highlights

A Food Lover's Guide: EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival Menu Highlights

Key Highlights from EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival Menus

  • The EPCOT International Flower & Garden festival unveiled a delectable and diverse menu, living up to its reputation as a food-lover’s paradise. The variety of cuisines available would make even the most hard-to-please food critic swoon.
  • One of the standout dishes is the ‘Grilled Street Corn on the Cob’ served at Trowel & Trellis. This Disney interpretation of Mexican street food promises a bonanza of flavors – with charred corn, garlic spread, and bursts of Parmesan.
  • The Festival is known for its riveting beverages, and it doesn’t disappoint this year. For fans of the bubbly, there’s the ‘Hibiscus Lemonade Cocktail’ served at La Isla Fresca, which will instantly transport you to a tropical paradise.
  • Parents, fear not. There’s also something for the tots! The ‘House-made Potato and Cheddar Biscuit with Salmon Tartare’ from Flavor Full Kitchen is sure to tickle their tiny taste buds.
  • There are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available. The ‘Vegetable Spring Rolls’ from Lotus House and the ‘Korean-style BBQ Beef with steamed rice and cucumber kimchi’ from Hanami, have been earning rave reviews.

The Realist’s Take

When Mickey Mouse and Michelin star meets, welcome to the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival, friends. Here, we bear witness to the wallop of flavor that only a magical Disney-style fusion can provide. From chomping on Grilled Street Corn with the boldness of a hungry giant in a fairy tale, to sipping on Hibiscus Lemonade Cocktails that even Cinderella would swap her glass slipper for, it’s a gastronomic walk through the enchanted forest, fairy godmother not necessary. Parents, uh-huh, there’s respite too. Keep those little critters quiet with gourmet biscuits while you feast like Belle at the Beast’s banquet. And for those still clinging to those new year resolutions, there are tasty and healthy options available. So the next time Snow White asks you to try a delectable bite, you might want to listen, because at EPCOT, every food has a happy ending.