30 Years of Frightful Delight: Celebrating The Nightmare Before Christmas Anniversary with Disney

Anticipated Anniversary Celebration for “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

  • Disney, on this spooky Friday the 13th, shares their excitement for the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
  • This phenomenal animated tale, merging Halloween and Christmas, continues to thrill audiences with its imaginative narrative and distinctive Burton-esque artistry.
  • As part of the celebration, Disney unveils the top 13 merchandise and offerings designed to awaken the spirit of Halloween Town in all of us.
  • The featured products include clothing, accessories, collectibles, and home goods decorated with beloved characters from the movie.
  • Among them, a Jack Skellington costume hoodie, a glow-in-the-dark Zero toy, and a ‘his and hers’ themed watch set is making fans jump off their seats.
  • To top it all off, Disney also announced a Halloween bash set to take place inside a haunted theme park with rides and attractions inspired by the movie.
  • The company is pulling all the strings to make this anniversary an unforgettable experience for fans of the Halloween-meets-Christmas spectacle.

The Realist’s Take

Disney, not missing a beat, capitalizes on our collective love-hate relationship with Friday the 13th by jazzing up what could be (and let’s face it, often is) the most nerve-racking day of the year with an exuberant celebration for the beloved ‘mish-mash’ holiday classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” It seems Disney’s marketing team, like Jack Skellington, is ‘making Christmas’ three years early! In the meantime, we will busy ourselves with collecting the cool keepsakes and clearing our calendar for the ‘fang-tastic’ Halloween bash. Talk about a sweet nightmare!